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The Virtual Mysterium Series: 24 Hours of Time Out of Time

An opportunity to step out of time for 24 hours and discover who you are. In solidarity with a community of kindred spirits and simultaneously in the solitude of your own home, you are invited into an immersion in poetry, doing nothing, writing if you choose, silence. We give up watches, technology, pre-ordained structure, plans. We follow the arisings of the moment. We Do Nothing. We open to what is.

Speak poetry to a tree. Set down the steering wheel of your life for 24 hours and let yourself be guided. If you choose to have music and dance, go for it. If you want to spend some or all of your time outside, or even in a wilderness — fantastic. If you can arrange to be physically with others also in the Retreat, yes!!  

Retreats begin and end with a 1.5-2 hour gathering by means of an internet platform that allows both video and call-in options. There we share ritual, experience and support.

There will be three Virtual Mysterium Retreats in 2020:
March 20, 11 AM PT; 7 PM UK to March 21, 11 AM PT; 7 PM UK TIME
June 5, 11 AM PT; 7 PM UK to June 6, 11 AM PT; 7 PM UK
September 11, 11 AM PT; 7 PM UK to September 12, 11 AM PT; 7 PM UK


Open to all!