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7 Day Mysterium Retreat, County Mayo, Ireland

  • Lough Lannagh Village Castlebar Ireland (map)
Artwork by Minouche Graglia

Artwork by Minouche Graglia

COST: $1025 US, plus 525 euros lodging/food

CONTACT: Kim Rosen

(Open to all who have previously participated in a workshop with Kim and others by interview)

Limited to 12 – 16 participants.

Join Kim to pioneer the frontiers of consciousness and creativity. Poems, prayers, and song speak the mystery, the silence, the ineffable joys and sorrows of the inner life. When you take them deeply into yourself and give voice to them, you cause shifts in your biochemistry, feelings, thoughts and consciousness that align you with your deepest self. You are giving voice not only to the words, but to your true being.

In this retreat we immerse in the poems we love and the words we write. They become our teachers, healers and companions. We invite the magic that unfurls as poetry intertwines with music. In addition there are sessions of breathwork, sounding and movement. We enter silence together and alone. The retreat culminates in a “mysterium”: an exploration beyond ordinary words that spans poetry and music, night and day, sound and silence, waking and sleeping, aloneness and communion…

"With a combination of music, poetry, silence and a deep respect for each personal interaction with each participant, Kim created a space where I let go of my armour and the walls I had built around my emotions. I felt them. First by recognizing them in the words of poems and reflected in the experiences shared by others. Then by giving them expression. I heard my own cry for the first time and my roar. I found the language to voice these emotions and I spoke them out loud. I felt seen and heard and utterly safe in being so. I experienced the transformation power of words."

“Kim creates an environment where your defenses fall effortlessly, feelings you didn’t know you could feel pour through you, and you hear the voice of your innermost self speaking through your body, your writing, your speaking and your very presence. This is not about poetry so much as it is an adventure in authenticity, transparency and precious vulnerability. This is about bringing your deepest self into every aspect of your life ~ inner and outer.”